Pediatric Dental Specialists of Atlanta


General Treatment

Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of dental care options for your children, making it convenient for you by consolidating all your dental needs in one place. Our approach emphasizes preventive dental care, which includes routine cleanings, examinations, and the establishment of effective oral hygiene habits at home. During your child’s initial appointment, we will assess for tooth decay and gum disease, check the alignment of your child’s bite, review the growth of their teeth, and discuss any non-nutritive sucking behaviors, provide nutritional advice, and talk about any additional concerns or treatments that may be necessary.

To ensure your child’s teeth remain clean and healthy, we offer various preventive treatments such as sealants and applications of fluoride varnish. Addressing decay in primary, or baby, teeth is crucial for maintaining the health and functionality of your child’s mouth. These teeth are essential for proper speech, chewing, and they pave the way for the eruption of permanent teeth. Since tooth decay is essentially an infection that can spread, untreated decay in baby teeth can lead to issues in permanent teeth. Therefore, taking care of primary teeth is key to promoting your child’s dental health.

Furthermore, we provide guidance to parents on recognizing and addressing common dental issues in children, such as thumb sucking, grinding of teeth (bruxism), and decay caused by prolonged exposure to sugary liquids in baby bottles. Our ultimate objective is to secure and preserve your child’s oral health through the use of modern dental techniques and technologies, and by ensuring they adhere to their dental check-up schedule.

Mother holding child smiling